Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sasquatch! Music Festival!

So, the line-up has been announced to what was's winner of 'best festival' last year, Sasquatch. At The Gorge, in George, Washington, Sasquatch draws thousands of fans - Canadian and American alike - to come and bask in the warm sun and some of the greatest lineups the indie rock (hip-hop and electronic, too) scene has known. Last year I was lucky enough to go and saw Pavement, The Mountain Goats, Minus the Bear, Band Of Horses, They Might Be Giants, and countless other indie greats. It was a fucking awesome trip, and this year is poised to be just as great thanks to some awesome acts.

  • The Thermals - This Portland, OR lo-fi band has always been a favorite and anyone who hasn't heard The Body, The Blood, and The Machine is truly missing out on a masterpiece. Songs like 'Here's your Future' and 'Returning to The Fold' will never grow old.
  • Death From Above 1979 - Is there anything that needs to be said here? Not only are they getting back together, but they're getting back at Sas'. Awesome.
  • Wolf Parade - Wolf Parade is great. Everyone is familiar with songs like 'I'll believe in anything', and with good reason. They have the ability to make catchy hits, and to make complex works that become more interesting with every listen. Much like DFA their performance will be huge, for a bit more disappointing of a reason - this may be their last show as they've announced a hiatus soon.
  • The Flaming Lips - Not only are Wayne Coyne and The Lips returning, but they're returning with the promise of playing their older and most beloved material such as Clouds Taste Metallic and The Soft Bulletin. Anyone who has seen The Flaming Lips has done nothing but rant and rave about how unbelievable of an experience it is, and I can't wait to join the crowd that has.
That's not all though. The line-up boasts Against Me!, Macklemore, Iron & Wine and so many more incredible artists that my long-winded rambling would only become worse if I kept going. This is going to be one hell of a festival though.